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The Greatest Indoor Show on Earth

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall located in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Once hailed as the biggest mall in the world, Canada's West Edmonton Mall still stands today as North America's largest mall.

However, make no mistake, there's a reason they call it The Greatest Indoor Show on Earth. Much more than a shopping mall, it contains an incredible collection of attractions, sights and expereiences. From nd indoor lake to the world's largest indoor amuesement park, the awe-inspiring magnitude of this establishment can impress even the most seasoned travelers.

Since opening in 1981, and through several expansions thereafter, the mall has established itself as arguably single most iconic landmark in northern Alberta, and perhaps even all of western Canada. Tourists and locals alike return to the mall to experience and re-experience an adventure one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Welcome to the unofficial home of all things West Edmonton Mall, we are not affiliated with West Edmonton Mall, or Triple Five® Worldwide.

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