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Q. I have some old photos / videos / etc. that I'd like to contribute.

A. YES, PLEASE. We would love to increase the size of the site's library of images, so everyone can enjoy the malls 'good ol' days'. If you would be so kind as to share, we would very much love to include them. Of course, you would receive credit for all contributions.

Please keep in mind, we especially would like photos of the mall from before the digital age. Cell phone photos from last month are not exactly what we're after. If you have unqiue content which represents something we don't have on the site yet, we'd like to take a look - but we don't need more photos of the Mindbender in 2014.

If you have unique photos or videos, or any of the mall from pre-1995, we'd love to hear from you.

Q. I noticed some incorrect information

A. We try are best, but are only human. Our sources, or information, can be wrong. We are always looking for the most up to date and valid info. Please feel free to Contact Us with your concerns. We only ask that you have a source to back up your information. Photos, articles, etc. are expremely useful when we notice a "he remembers it like this, but she remembers it like that" scenario.

Q. I'd like credit for something

A. We try out best to ensure all proper credit is attributed, but again - we're only human. Send a message via our Contact Us page. We'll be in touch.

Q. You completely forgot about _____ !

A. Wow, you're right! How could we forget? We would love to include that on the site. Please Contact Us!

Q. I don't like this site.

A. That makes us sad. But we understand that this isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Q. I like this site.

A. Thanks! Please support us by sharing it with your friends on all the facebooks and twitters of the world, instagrams... pinterests? Anything you like!

Q. I have another question.

A. Please Contact Us!

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