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On Jan 17, 2018, YouTube announced changes to their Partners Program - which we have been proud to be a part of.

Earlier this week we had a small personal celebration, we hit 500 YouTube Subscribers!. Yeah, we know it’s small, but we were so happy to think that 500 people liked our content enough to subscribe to our channel.

Our mini-celebration was cut short, when we heard today that, in order to remain within the YouTube partners program, our channel needs 1,000 Subscribers.

The new changes, which we understand are necessary to ensure a quality experience for advertisers, content creators, and viewers, will affect our ability to remain in the program.

It’s a long shot, but we have exactly one month to reach 1,000 subscribers before our standing in the program is revoked. So, we’re asking you for help. Please consider subscribing to our channel, and asking anyone you know who may enjoy our content to check us out as well.

We are a very small team of nothing more than fans of West Edmonton Mall. We love making these videos, it’s an experience we wish we discovered years ago.

Thank you for being a fan, and for your support.

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