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West Edmonton Mall


  • A view of Galaxyland, taken from on board the Balloon Race ride.
    A view of Galaxyland, taken from on board the Balloon Race ride. Note the carousel still in it's original location, though Casino expansion preparations have begun based on the back wall's removal of its mirrors.

Galaxyland is the World's Largest Indoor Amusment Park (a disputed claim which several other parks also make). Located in West Edmonton Mall, it has been in operation since 1985 when it first opened under the name Fantasyland. It has been operating in its current outer space theme since 1995.

Galaxyland is around 400,000 sq. ft. in area, and hosts more than 23 rides, along with other attractions and games. Some noteworthy rides include:

  • The Mindbender: The world's largest indoor triple loop rollercoaster
  • TheSpace Shot: The world's tallest indoor tower ride
  • The Galaxy Orbitor: Canada's first spinning coaster

In 2015, consturction began on an expansion of the Mall's Palace Casino, located directly above the amusement park. This expansion resulted in the forcing the relocation of the Carousel and Flying Galleon to other locations in the park, which in itself resulted in the perminent removal of the Solar Flare and the Kiddie Convoy.

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