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West Edmonton Mall

Dolphin Lagoon

  • A view of the crowds enjoying the Dolphin Lagoon show.
    A view of the crowds enjoying the Dolphin Lagoon show.
  • A shot of the Dolphin Lagoon from 2002

    David Simmons:
  • The Dolphin show at West Edmonton Mall.
    The Dolphin show at West Edmonton Mall.

    Orcinus24x5 -
  • A postcard featuring the Dolphin Lagoon.
    A postcard featuring the Dolphin Lagoon. Late 80's / Early 90's.

The Dolphin Lagoon was an attraction at West Edmonton Mall, and was located in Phase Three. It ran from 1985 until 2004.

Upon its initial unveiling in 1985, 4 dolphins were on exposition in a daily show: Howard, Maria, Gary and Mavis. The show changed over the years, as well as seasonally, but always had a mix of entertainment and education. 

The designated seating area was the optimum viewing area for the show, however there was plenty of opportunity to see action in the surrounding shopping area, the second floor of the mall, and from the bridge over the lake. Some of the areas around the main seating zone have since been obstructed, to encourage patrons to attend the show in the paid seating area.

The new millennium brought an end to the Dolphin Lagoon. By 2003, only a single dolphin remained. Maria had died in 2000, and Gary in 2001. Howard starting having health issues when, in 2003, his partner Mavis passed away. By the end of 2004, Howard was moved out of the mall. To avoid possible crowds which might cause stress to Howard, the move was done unannounced and under cover of night, to a new home in Florida where he could live with other dolphins.

The following year, the replacement attraction opened. It was titled the Sea Lions Rock, and still exists today.

Dolphin Lagoon

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1985
Year Closed: 2004

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