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Collectible West Edmonton Mall Spoons

I only recently found out that in the 80’s and 90’s, WEM released a collection of their own commemorative spoons.

Oh, and we’re not talking about two or three. There are well over a dozen different WEM themed spoons. Each with their own unique design and theme! 

Unfortunately, many of these spoons haven’t aged very well. The imagery featured on several of these have faded to quite an intense yellow. Most of these yellowed spoons are all in the same series, as well. It certainly seems like the print quality wasn’t up to the challenge of lasting several decades.

Some of my favorite spoons in my collection are ones which simply feature the WEM logo. Each feature a rather simplistic design, at least when compared to some of the other spoons in the collection. There’s something about that original WEM logo that I really can’t get over. I think it’s partially because, on a personal level, it represents my time growing up in Edmonton - it’s also just a prime example of how simple design execution can produce perfect results.

The rest of these spoons all feature a current or former WEM attraction on them - everything from the Ice Palace to Fantasyland.

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