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Fun Facts

Marvel Comics' Alpha Flight saved West Edmonton Mall

  • Alpha Flight flying over West Edmonton Mall

    Marvel Comics

Marvel’s Alpha Flight have not once, but twice, saved Edmonton and West Edmonton Mall from the clutches of evil. Marvel Comics’ used the Mall as a setting for their heroes adventures in two separate storylines.

The first was in 1985, when Alpha Flight battled Omega Flight in West Edmonton Mall. And because in 1985 Phase 3 didn’t exist yet - the main locations used in the mall were the Phase I Central Fountains and Fantasyland.



Alpha Flight returned to the mall again several years later, in a 4 part mini series entitled “Wrath of the Dream Queen”. This series featured Downtown Edmonton as a setting as well, including Jasper Avenue, Whitemud Drive, and the Telus / ATB Towers. Additionally, the Calgary Tower was also used as a location.

Wrath of the Dream Queen primarily showcased the mall via the World Waterpark, and included a full page scene where Alpha Flight’s jet crashed through the glass ceiling of the World Waterpark.



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