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Solar Spinner

  • The Solar Spinner Ride in West Edmonton Mall's Galaxyland.
    The Solar Spinner Ride in West Edmonton Mall's Galaxyland.

The Solar Spinner is a ride located in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland. The ride is a spinning tea cup ride, with an outer space theme.  

The ride features 5 small ‘cups’, each can fit up to 3-4 small children. While space is tight, it is possible for an adult and a child to fit in a cup, however more than that may be quite uncomfortable.

The cups are equally spaced out around a circular platform. The ride platform spins in a moderate paced circular motion. At the same time, each cup has the potential to spin via a center wheel. When the ride is in motion, passengers can spin their cup to a speed of their choice.

The tea cups represent planets, orbiting around a center sun, or star. While aimed at children, it is a fun ride for all ages as older riders can spin their cups to more extreme speeds if they so desire. 

The rides' current and only home is where Cosmo's Space Fountain once existed, before its removal to accomodate the shuffle of rides caused by 2015's approval of the casino expansion.

Solar Spinner

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 2015

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