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Fantasyland and Galaxyland

UFO Maze

  • A view of the UFO Maze exterior.
    A view of the UFO Maze exterior. This "ride" existed in the time between the closure of the Orbitron, and opening of Galaxy Orbiter roller coaster.

    Wikipedia user: Qyd

The UFO Maze was a ride-attraction in Galaxyland. The ride opened sometime after the park changed its name from Fantasyland in 1995. Prior to this, the space was home to the Orbitron ride.

The ride-attraction was a labyrinth. Guests would walk through the attraction, and attempt to find the correct path. Steel paneled walls separated possible walkways though the maze. The paths were not changed on a regular basis, resulting in repeat ‘riders’ walking through the very same path each time in order to complete the maze.

The outside of the maze was styled as a plain but convincing UFO, however the ride was criticized for its lack of theming on the interior. The maze experience existed in fully lit, plain, undecorated atmosphere.

The UFO Maze remained open until 2005, when it was removed to make room for the final twirling section of the mall's newest roller coaster: The Galaxy Orbiter


UFO Maze

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: Unknown
Year Closed: 2005

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