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Dragon Wagon

  • The Dragon Wagon, as taken from the boarding area of the Galaxy Orbitor.
    The Dragon Wagon, as taken from the boarding area of the Galaxy Orbitor.
  • The Sign for the Dragon Wagon.
    The Sign for the Dragon Wagon. This sign, and ride, is very common in the world of amusement rides.

The Dragon Wagon is a children’s roller coaster located in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland.

The ride is a generic coaster, and while the dragon has been painted black in recent years, the ride has no other re-theming to match the theme of the park. It is a generic dragon wagon model manufactured by Wisdom Rides

While many other generic rides in the park have undergone a theme update, the Dragon Wagon in fact does not even have a custom name. It is the exact same ride, with the same name, which you might find in various carnivals and funfairs throughout North America.

The coaster features a train themed as a dragon, the train has 8 cars. Each car can fit up to 2 riders. Riders must be under 56” tall to ride, at least 42” to ride alone, and at minimum 36” if accompanied by a 42”+ rider.

The coaster is located directly between the Galaxy Orbiter and the Cosmic Spinner.


Dragon Wagon

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: Unknown

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