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Swing of the Century

  • The Swing of the Century.
    The Swing of the Century. Shown here in full swing mode, as shown by the red lights.
  • The Swing of the Century ride in Fantasyland.
    The Swing of the Century ride in Fantasyland. The trees and line-up queue no longer exist, as they were removed when the park changed themes to Galaxyland.
  • View of the Swing of the Century, taken from on board the Balloon Race ride.
    View of the Swing of the Century, taken from on board the Balloon Race ride.
  • Fantasyland as seen in 1990.
    Fantasyland as seen in 1990. The Swing of the Century is seen in the background, and appears the same as it does today.
  • The loading area of the Swing of the Century
  • On board the Swing of the Century

The Swing of the Century is a wave swinger ride in Galaxyland

The swing is one of the original attractions which remains in operation since Fantasyland’s opening day. Furthermore, it is one of the few rides which was not renamed or re-themed when the park changed from its original fantasy theme to its current space theme in 1995. However, the queue line has been simplified from its original state, with the removal of the pergola which was situated over the line-up area.

The ride is a Chair-O-Planes, manufactured by Zierer. The ride exists, with various names, elsewhere and throughout the world. One notable example is the Silly Symphony Swings in Disney's California Adventure Park, located in Anaheim, California.

Guests of the ride are seated in swings hanging from an overhead platform. The riders slowly begin to travel in a circle, as the upper platform spins and begins to raise up higher from the ground. Once the platform is raised completely, the lights on the ride change from white to red, and the platform tilts. Riders are gently swung around in a circle as the tilted platform both propels the riders, and adjusts its own tilt in a slower, circular motion. The effect on the rider is a subtle up and down motion as they are swung around in a large circle.

The ride is one of the most iconic rides in Galaxyland, as its large presence is impossible to miss when walking around the southern area of the park.

Swing of the Century

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 1985

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