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The Space Shot

  • The Space Shot in Galaxyland.
    The Space Shot in Galaxyland.
  • The Space Shot loading area.
    The Space Shot loading area.

The Space Shot is a ride in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland. It is one of the two rides which replaced the spot in which the Drop of Doom resided. The name is a generic name which is used for instances of the ride elsewhere in the world.

The Space Shot ride was developed by S&S - Sansei Technologies, the company also developed the Double Shot ride. Interestingly, Galaxyland’s instance of the Space Shot may in fact be a Double Shot, either by conversion or simple name branding (to be more in line with the space theme). Enthusiasts believe this to be true because the riders are fired downward at the top. The generic Space Shot does not have the downward-firing feature, but the Double Shot does. 

The ride has a capacity of 12 people. At 120 tall, it is the tallest indoor tower ride in the world. Riders are launched upward, and then downward, multiple times - experiencing alternating positive and negative g-forces throughout.

The entrance area is located on the floor below the main level, along with the entrance to the Mindbender.

The Space Shot

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 2002

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