Galaxyland Express

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1983

Year Decommissioned: 2022

The Galaxyland Express was a amusement train ride operating in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland.

The ride was one of the few remaining original rides in the park, still in operation from when the park launched as Fantasyland in 1983. The train was then known as the Fantasyland Express, but changed it’s name for obvious reasons when the park was re-themed in 1995.

The ride consisted of a single station, once themed in old time style but then as a space station. The train itself had three cars, and shuttled passengers around the park, through a tunnel path, and looped around under the Galaxy Orbiter. It then returned to the station but not before proceeding through a second tunnel path, and through the Galaxy Kids play area.

According to a placard, which is visible from the ride’s queue, the ride’s classification was a Kiddie Railway Ride. Made by JHLE, D-7520 Bruchal West Germany. Based on the placard information, it was either opened or installed in April of 1983, has a max speed of 6 – 10 kph, and operates in a counter clockwise direction. The capacity is 6 adults or 12 Children.

The ride was a favorite of all ages, as it gives a tour of nearly the entire park and nearly anyone (including lap-held infants) could ride.

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