Quirks in the Works

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 2003

Quirks in the Works is a ride in Galaxyland, situated below ground level in an area where part of the Drop of Doom ride used to reside.

The premise of the ride is that an extraterrestrial craft: “The Works”, has crash landed in Edmonton. The alien species which caused the issue are known as “The Quirks”, and they are causing all sorts of havoc. Your mission is to blast as many as you can while traversing the ride.

Riders are seated in one of three cars, each of which holds four people. Each rider has access to a blaster-gun, which they use to target the green lights throughout the ride. As the ride begins, the car starts spinning in a circle, and the blasters are enabled. Each green light which is blasted causes some sort of reaction in the nearby decor. Everything from illuminating lights to animatronic motion are used to signify a successful hit.

Each rider can check their score at the end of the ride, via a screen with their car and seat number indicated. The ride is one of the most custom rides in the park, in contrast to other ‘straight out of the box’ rides like the Dragon Wagon or the Cosmic Spinner

Critics of the ride remark that the non-stop spinning action is overwhelming, and can be too much to handle at times. Also, there are a few maintenance / utility boxes within the ride, which have similar green lights as the targets – which can cause confusion.


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