Ropes Quest

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 2015

Ropes Quest, located in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland, is a ride-attraction obstacle course.
The attraction challenges guests to traverse three different, and increasingly challenging, stories of hanging ropes, bridges, and obstacles. 

Guests are fitted with a harness, and are attached to the attraction via a safety rope. They are then free to explore and traverse the structure at their own will, as there is no set path. Guests are challenged to cross from one platform to another on various types of bridges, 33 in total.

Before being added to Galaxyland, Ropes Quest was a stand-alone attraction located in the mall concourse just outside of the World Waterpark

Ropes Quest was manufactured by Ropes Courses Inc., and is a custom SkyTrail model. The manufacturer was chosen due to their previous courses success in West Edmonton Mall’s American sister-mall: The Mall of America.


One thought on “Ropes Quest

  1. I’m part of a group of adults that ar childhood cancer survivors.. How much would it be for 6-7 of us to do the Ropes Quest


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