35th Aero Squadron in Galaxyland

The 35th Aero Squadron

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 1983

The 35th Aero Squadron is a children’s ride in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland, and is an original ride going back to when park opened in 1983 as Fantasyland.

The ride features 8 colorful bi-planes which, as suggested by the name, are inspired by a squadron of planes from the World War I period.

Each plane can seat up to 3 children, two in the front seat and one in the back. Each plane is affixed to a central pedestal which turns the plane around in a large circle. The arm which connects each plane is able to raise and lower using a hydraulic lift system.

The vertical motion of each plane is controlled by the rider, via a handle in the front seat of the plane. The planes’ front seats also feature toy machine guns, which light up and make noise when a button is pressed.

Along with Quirks in the Works, the 35th Aero Squadron is one of the more ‘interactive’ rides in the park. The ability to control the plane and press the noise / light button on the guns makes this a favorite for children.

The ride can be easily found by looking up and viewing the decorative hanging planes above its location, which remained in place even after the parks transition from fantasy to outer space theme. 

In 2015, following the replacement of the neighboring Kiddie Convoy with the Carousel, the entrance and exit queues for this ride were swapped, likely to make the entrance more visible to potential riders.

In 2020, the decorative bi-planes which hung above the ride for over 35 years, were removed.


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