The Carousel

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: Unknown

The Carousel at Galaxyland is a ride which has been operating since West Edmonton Mall’s amusement park first opened as Fantasyland in 1985.

The Carousel is a classic representation of the generic carousel which can be found at many different parks, fairs, and carnivals throughout North America. It features different colored horses, in rows of three, which travel around in a circle while slowing ‘galloping’ up and down. There are also lower, stationary bench seats available.

The ride has been in operation since the first opening days of the park, and for the first 30 years of its tenure (1985 – 2015), it remained in the same location: immediately inside of the park’s main entrance.  In 2015, the casino above the park receive approval for an expansion, which forced the relocation of the Carousel as well as the Flying Galleon.

The two rides, which had been immediate neighbors for thirty years, are now the two rides which have the most distance between them. The Carousel and the Flying Galleon are on opposite ends of Galaxyland.

The Carousel’s new home resulted in the removal of the Kiddie Convoy ride, and forced the relocation of the Moto Jump ride.


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