The Flying Galleon

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 1983

The Flying Galleon is a ride in Galaxyland. It it one of the few remaining original rides from the opening of Fantasyland, and among the even fewer which have not been remodeled to the park’s current space theme.

The ride is a generic Galleon ride, manufactured by Zamperla, themed in Spanish motif. 

Riders are loaded into the boat, all facing the center. Then, as the ride begins, a tire located under the boat starts to spin one way, and then the other, rocking the boat back and forth in a u-pattern. Riders experience quick forward and backward propulsion alternating between high peaks and low dips. 

The ride, along with the Carousel, was originally situated directly inside of the west mall entrance. The ride was much more integrated with the mall decor at that location. It included a waterfall over the exit area, and a small lake surrounding the ride. This integration with the decor no longer exists in the new location.

In 2015, plans for the overhead casino expansion were approved, which significantly lowered the height of the overhead ceiling. Both the Flying Galleon and the Carousel were moved, the resulting relocation reduced the total number of rides in the park by two. Specifically, the Galleon’s move resulted in the permanent removal of the Solar Flare ride.

The Flying Galleon’s new and current home is situated where traditionally more thrilling rides were placed. These past thrill rides included the the Perilous Pendulum (the upside-down boat). The Pendulum was somewhat similar to the Galleon, but completed full complete loops. Because of this, the ceiling above where the Flying Galleon sits today is a great degree higher than is needed for a non-looping version of the ride, and appears somewhat out of place.


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