The Shoot Out Saloon Sign

The Shoot Out Saloon

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 1985

The Shoot Out Saloon is a small attraction in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland, and has existed in the park since its opening day as Fantasyland, when it operated under it’s original name: The Firing Line.

The attraction is a light-gun shooting range, featuring cowboy style rifles. The shooting counter looks out over a mock-up of a western-themed expanse. Players are challenged to shoot their choice of over 35 different targets. 

Each target, when hit by the player, results in a reaction from one of the nearby props, either audible or visual. Everything from soda cans and beer bottles, to skulls and western themed signs are available as targets.

Two of the most popular targets are: a piano player whose reaction is playing the piano; and a window near the rear of the range, which depicts a silhouette of a woman behind the window accompanied by a cat-call style whistle sound.

The range costs one dollar per round, and consists of 25 shots each round. Each player is rated on their overall accuracy:

  • 100%: Sheriff
  • 91% – 99%: Gun Fighter
  • 91% – 90%: Deputy
  • 50% – 71%: Shooter
  • Under 50%: Cattleman

The attraction remains the same as was presented when the park’s theme was based on Fantasyland, it was not re-themed when the park adopted its current outer space theme.

It is located directly beside the Cosmic Spinner and Rock N’ Wall.


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