HAVOC (G. I. Joe)

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 2018

HAVOC is the latest ride in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland. It is a Space Trainer ride, by Moser Rides, and versions of the ride operate in the wild under different theming and names. 

The ride consists of 30 seats, divided into 5 benches, all placed in a circular fashion facing inward. HAVOC has 3 axis of rotation, and therefore can rotate passengers to literally any angle. The ride is 46 feet tall, with riders suspended at 40 feet at their highest point. Riders can come to within 3 feet of the park’s ceiling, and within 5 feet of the Autosled tracks, which completely surround the ride.

The ride was erected in the same location as the Cosmic Revolution, which closed in 2017. This location was also home to the Sonic Storm and the Disco Dynamo. It extends upward into one of the helix loops of the Autosled roller coaster.

Riders must be over 52″ and under 77″ to ride. Although the other extreme rides in the park, the Mindbender, Zero Gravity, and Space Shot, do not have any age restrictions, HAVOC does not allow guests over the age of 65 to ride.

Best Edmonton Mall was the first to announce the ride, on Mar 6, 2018.


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