The Corkscrew was a somewhat gentle, intermediate water slide at the World Waterpark. Named as such due to the fact that its path consists of many 360 degree paths, and resembles the look of an actual corkscrew.

The slide was fully enclosed in its tube for the entirety of the attraction. In 2018, its semi-transparent green shell was painted a solid green. However, light is still able to penetrate the paint, so the ride is not “pitch dark” like other slides in the park.

The slide ended in a 4 ft. deep splashdown pool, where parents were allowed to catch smaller children who come down the slide after them.

The slide originally opened in 1986, as an original installation in the World Waterpark’s Grand Opening in that same year.

On November 14, 2022, the slide was permanently closed. Its removal began that same week, with the slides “end of life” rumored as the reason for its departure. At the time of its closure, the slide had been in operation for 36 years.

Rumors of its replacement vary. Some speak of a replacement slide very similar to the Blue Bullet, while other rumors speak about a tube-focused slide. The layout and path of the corkscrew’s replacement is expected to be similar to that of the corkscrew itself.

Above: Best Edmonton Mall was the first to break the news of the Corkscrew’s removal.

Below: The end splashdown pool of the Corkscrew Slide.


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