Sea Life Caverns

The Sea Life Caverns is the small zoo, part of the Marine Life attraction in Phase Three of West Edmonton Mall. 

The caverns are situated below ground-level of the mall, in a darkened cave-like atmosphere. The entry is an oversized steampunk stylized fish, with a stairway leading down its open mouth. 

One in the caverns, one may notice the walls are finished in rock, to emulate the experience of being in an underground cave. There are open tanks to rays and underwater plant life. Historically, visitors could reach in and gently touch the rays, however the new enclosure now prohibits this.

There are several smaller terrariums in which visitors can view snakes and other reptiles. The most impressive enclosures, however, are the penguin exhibit, and gigantic full-wall view of the mall’s oversized aquarium. The tank holds many different types of fish and animals, including Nurse Sharks and a Giant Tortoise.


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