Rock n’ Wall

The Rock n’ Wall is an attraction located in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland.

The attraction is a rock climbing wall. The wall is a column of imitation rock, with three different sides representing three different ‘courses’ which climbers can choose from. 

Climbers are fitted with a harness, and attached to a safety line which hangs from the top of each course. They are then free to attempt to reach the top of their chosen course.

The most difficult course features a ‘grab the cash’ challenge. The challenge dictates that the climber must ascend the most difficult (advanced) route, and if they can make it to the top and reach a $50 bill, they can keep it. Because of the prize, the advanced route is on average, 35% more expensive than the other routes.

The advanced route was designed by a local indoor climbing facility: Vertically Inclined Rock Gym 

The attraction is situated between The Shoot Out Saloon and the former Space Bump.


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