Cosmic Revolution

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: Unknown
Year Closed: 2005

The Cosmic Revolution was a thrill ride in Galaxyland, located in West Edmonton Mall.

The ride, which opened on 2011, was a 12 car spinning thrill ride. To match the park it is themed in outer space decor. The ride could hold 24 riders, 2 in each car. 

The ride began with the cars spinning around a circle at high speeds, with riders experiencing bumps and pivots as they moved. Slowly the ride came to a stop, where some may believe it had ended. The ride then proceeded to operate the same, but in a backwards motion, before finally ending.

There was an adjacent booth where the operator could play music and, of course, control the ride.

The Cosmic Revolution was a very similar ride to one of its predecessors, which coincidentally occupied the exact same space years before: The Disco Dynamo.


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