Kiddie Convoy

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1983
Year Closed: 2015

The Kiddie Convoy was a ride in Galaxyland, and Fantasyland, in West Edmonton Mall.

The ride was one of the most gentle rides in the park, and was an ideal choice for young children and toddlers. Riders could choose from a variety of cars to ride, including sports cars, fire trucks, construction equipment, and even helicopters.

The Kiddie Convoy consisted of a large circular platform, which would turn at a gentle pace, similar to a carousel. However, unlike a carousel, there was no roof or ceiling, and the majority of the cars were affixed to the platform with no vertical movement. The exception to this was the helicopter-themed cars, which would rise and lower themselves as they traveled around the center of the platform.

The ride was initially decorated with a novelty stop light in the center, before the face-lift which mainly consisted of painting the ride to match the bright primary color theme of the park. 

The ride was removed in 2015, when the expansion of the casino above the west entrance of Galaxyland forced the Carousel and Flying Galleon to relocate. This ride, along with the Solar Flare, were the two casualties of said expansion.

Today, this ride’s location is occupied by the Carousel.


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