Space Bump

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1985
Year Closed: 2018

The Space Bump was a ride in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland, formerly known as the Kiddie Bumper Cars when the park was named Fantasyland. The ride opened in 1985 when phase two of park was first unveiled.

The Space Bump was a space-themed children’s bumper car ride. The ride consisted of only five cars each with a single rider capacity, and therefor has a limited capacity of only 5. (Occasionally, one car required maintenance, and only 4 cars were available) Riders were required to be between 38” and 56” in height, and tall enough to reach the pedals.

The ride was popular among the young crowd, and was ideal for those who have not graduated to the larger bumper cars in the park: Cosmo’s Space Derby.

The ride had resided in its location for the entirety of its existence. In early 2018, the area surrounding the cars was boarded off and the ride was removed. The floor was leveled and it appears that the area will be made into a pedestrian access area – possibly an arcade or other game area.

There are rumors that a similar ride will return elsewhere in the park, with a possible location being next to the park’s other bumper car ride: Cosmo’s Space Derby. 


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