Alpha Flight at WEM

Marvel’s Alpha Flight have not once, but twice, saved Edmonton and West Edmonton Mall from the clutches of evil. Marvel Comics’ used the Mall as a setting for their heroes adventures in two separate storylines.

The first was in 1985, when Alpha Flight battled Omega Flight in West Edmonton Mall. And because in 1985 Phase 3 didn’t exist yet – the main locations used in the mall were the Phase I Central Fountains and Fantasyland.

Alpha Flight returned to the mall again several years later, in a 4 part mini series entitled “Wrath of the Dream Queen”. This series featured Downtown Edmonton as a setting as well, including Jasper Avenue, Whitemud Drive, and the Telus / ATB Towers. Additionally, the Calgary Tower was also used as a location.

Wrath of the Dream Queen primarily showcased the mall via the World Waterpark, and included a full page scene where Alpha Flight’s jet crashed through the glass ceiling of the World Waterpark.

The basic plot of Christmas in Wonderland is that West Edmonton Mall is… well, a wonderland! (Which isn’t that far from the truth). Patrick Swayze leaves his children to visit santa and explore the mall, only to discover that there is real magic in the mall – and perhaps the North Pole isn’t that far away either!

The bad guys, Chris Kattan and Carmen Electra, are trying to run a counterfeit money operation in the mall, but accidentally let the kids get their hands on the cash – leading to slapstick antics.

Overall, it’s a ho-hum flick. But one which I enjoy thoroughly. I’m sure it’s because I’m such a huge fan of the mall, but I watch Christmas in Wonderland every year!

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