Sky Divers

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1986
Year Closed: Unknown

Sky Divers was a parachute drop ride in Fantasyland, later known as Galaxyland, in West Edmonton Mall. The ride was in operation for only a very period, immediately following the parks expansion which had its grand opening in 1986.

The ride was an early 2-person version of the Parachute Tower drop ride, manufactured by Intamin, and was originally unveiled in the expansion concept art of the Phase II expansion of Fantasyland.

Riders would be seated side by side in one of several parachutes. They would then be raised to the ceiling of the park before riders would experience a controlled speed drop. The experience was much tamer and more family oriented than other, more extreme drop rides, such as The Drop of Doom.

The ride was eventually replaced with an SR2 Motion Simulator, and existed where the Dragon Wagon and Galaxy Orbiter are today.

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