Virtual Land

Virtual Land was a VR-based attraction at West Edmonton Mall, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as “North America’s Largest Virtual Reality Theme Park”, with the concept being to blend the experience of spending a day at an amusement park with visiting an arcade.

The attraction opened on September 11, 2021. After operating for only several months, the attraction abruptly closed prior to the Christmas season of 2021.

The closure was due to a water main break in the attraction, which resulted in the nearly the entire attractions footprint being under several inches of water.

As of December 2022, the attraction remains closed. Reportedly, the attraction is set to reopen sometime in 2023.


Prices varied between single attraction pricing and multi-game passes, including a $69.99 all day pass. The day pass price was later lowered to $59.99.


Virtual Land was open from 12PM to 8PM on weekdays, and 11PM to 7PM on weekends.

Instead of riding amusement rides like one might do at Galaxyland, guests travelled between Virtual Reality games.

During Virtual Land’s brief operating period, several attractions were not yet open, including single-standing VR Box games, and a vehicle-racing attraction.

Virtual Land was slated to feature over 20 different VR experiences, including:

  • A multi-level zombie themed story line
  • 5v5 PVP OverKill – playable in real time with other teams worldwide
  • Several haunted experiences
  • Multiplayer racing

The attraction was located directly beside Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf in Phase III of West Edmonton Mall, and is still there as of December 2022 – albiet closed.

The location was the former home of one of the mall’s longest tenured tenants, The Brick. The area became vacant when the Brick relocated to the upper floor of the former Sears location after Sears Canada went out of business nationwide.

Best Edmonton Mall made the official announcement regarding the new attraction, with the exclusive sneak peek premiering on June 25, 2021.

Best Edmonton Mall’s exclusive first look into the space at Virtual Land


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