Virtual Land Opening Sept 11, 2021

There will be lots to celebrate at the soft launch of Virtual Land on Saturday, Sept 11, 2021.

Far more than just tossing on a VR headset, Virtual Land, located in West Edmonton Mall, will feature immersive and challenging environments to put players deeper into the game than one might imagine.

Part of Virtual Land’s “Zombie Jail”

In the Zombie Jail, there is a mini-escape room. Players will need to solve a riddle in order to procure their weapons. And the game doesn’t end with just one experience – a video story line guides players through the games’ multiple levels, offering a story, background, and instructions on what needs to be done to defeat the evil Dr. Steele.

Elsewhere, a maze-like haunted house will definitely scare those players who dare to enter. Before embarking on a horrific experience where they are trapped in a terrifying hospital, patrons will navigate an immersive hallway filled with creepy (and outright graphic!) elements.

All of these more fear-inducing experiences reside in “Horror Alley”, the area of Virtual Land recommended for those patrons who are over the age of 13. The rest of Virtual Land is far more family friendly – featuring cartoon vikings, ‘crafting video game’ inspired characters, and even kid favorites like Angry Birds and Baby Shark.

The attraction has seen its fair share of challenges as it has prepared itself for opening, mainly related to logistical delays. Much of the technology required to operate a VR Park is sourced out of Asia, and unfortunately the pandemic has caused supply chain issues in many industries.

The team based, family friendly, Viking Craft Experience at Virtual Land

Add on to this the 2021 Suez Canal obstruction, where a container ship became wedged in (and blocked access to) one of the world’s most important shipping routes, and logistics were further impacted. For reference, that incident resulted in 369 ships queuing to pass through the canal, and prevented / delayed an estimated US$9.6 billion worth of trade.

Because of these hiccups, a few of the attractions which were intended to be open will be absent from the soft launch. Among these are the training boxes, where players learn to aim and use their weapons in a shooting range style game. Also absent is the racing attraction, where players sit in motion simulator style cars and compete against each other in VR.

Despite these omissions, Virtual Land will have plenty to offer. Over 15 options will be available to choose from – including multi player co-operative games, to single player experiences, and even competitive PvP shooters.

Local YouTuber Best Edmonton Mall will be appearing at the launch from 12pm – 3pm.

Virtual Land Ticket Prices & Hours

UPDATE: The pricing below has been lowered to $59.00 for an all day pass.

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