Matthew “That BEM Guy”

I’m Matthew, also known as “That Best Edmonton Mall Guy”. Amateur Edmonton Historian, and West Edmonton Mall Enthusiast.

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This website, which I’ve dubbed “The Greatest Indoor Show on Earth’s Greatest Fan Site“, along with my West Edmonton Mall Videos, are a result of my passion for West Edmonton Mall, and Edmonton in general.

I started working on these projects as a hobby, and a way to share some nostalgia that I had about the city I grew up in. I had no clue it would become as popular as it has! I seem to have struck a chord among those who have fond memories of WEM, and Edmonton.

As luck would have it, I’ve have my content featured by a number of awesome media outlets! I’m still shocked to this day about how much people like my stuff! (Special thanks to everyone who watches my videos!)

CBC Edmonton AM – Wayback WEM Series

I was thrilled to work with CBC Edmonton AM on a series about the history of West Edmonton Mall. Cleverly titled ‘Wayback WEM‘ (their creativity, not mine!) we chatted about the mall, Fantasyland, The World Waterpark, and more!

CBC Series with Matthew Dutczak

Star Metro Edmonton

I was shocked, and pretty excited, when the Star reached out to me for an article about my work. We met at the mall for an interview and some pictures. I thought it was a fun time and would make for a nice little article.

Then, the day it came out, some friends started jokingly calling me a celebrity. I didn’t get it… until I realized they put me on the front page! Now THAT was completely unexpected!

Matthew Dutczak on the cover of the Star Metro Edmonton
On the cover of the Star Metro

360 Ched – Inside Sports with Reid Wilkins

When the Edmonton Oilers returned to West Edmonton Mall in early 2020 to practice, and for a mall-wide autograph session, Reid Wilkins asked me to appear on his show as a guest. He was broadcasting from West Edmonton Mall, and invited me on to talk about, what else? West Edmonton Mall history!

CBC – Le Téléjournal (The National French Edition)

I was asked on to Le Téléjournal because they were doing a story about large shopping centers, related to a new center opening up in Quebec. I, like many western Canadians, was not familiar with the program until it was explained to me that it was the French version of CBC’s iconic news program ‘The National’. And once again, it was super exciting to featured as a guest!

The French Version of 'the National', featuring WEM and Matthew

CBC Radio – Alberta at Noon

CBC Radio’s Alberta at Noon was doing a story about Davie Berry’s book ‘On Nostalgia’, which is about the pull of nostalgia. I was invited on to speak for a segment about why my work seems to resonate with so many Edmontonians!

Sonic 102.9 – Lauren Hunter Show

I’m a huge fan of Sonic, and of Lauren Hunter (Daugherty). I’ve been featured on her show on a few different occasions! She’s so fun and easy to work with, which makes every appearance a blast!