TBD June 2023 Slide

The replacement of the removed Corkscrew waterslide was revealed via press release from WEM on Feb 27, 2023. The slide is a two-person tube slide, colored in purple, teal, and orange. The slide very closely resembles the style and path of the former Corkscrew which was removed in early 2023. The slide is set to… Continue reading TBD June 2023 Slide

Virtual Land

Virtual Land was a VR-based attraction at West Edmonton Mall, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as “North America’s Largest Virtual Reality Theme Park”, with the concept being to blend the experience of spending a day at an amusement park with visiting an arcade. The attraction opened on September 11, 2021. After operating for only several months,… Continue reading Virtual Land

Phase IV Expansion

In the late 90’s, what was presented as the Phase 4 expansion of West Edmonton Mall was completed. This ‘expansion’ differed from the others in that it didn’t actually add additional footprint to the mall. In the early 1990’s, the mall’s Woodward’s location closed, due to bankruptcy of the company. Many of their retail locations were… Continue reading Phase IV Expansion

Phase III Expansion

Keeping pace with the previous expansion, Phase 3 of West Edmonton Mall opened to the public in 1985. Once again, exactly two years after the launch of Phase 2. However, many of the attractions included in this phase were not fully completed and did not open until the following year. The Phase III expansion was the largest… Continue reading Phase III Expansion

Phase II Expansion

Nearly two years to the day after the mall’s grand opening, the Phase 2 expansion of West Edmonton Mall was completed. The first of what would be three new expansions to the mall drove home the reality of how iconic the mall would eventually become. No longer a simple retail location, alternative attractions were now introduced to the super mall.… Continue reading Phase II Expansion

History of West Edmonton Mall

Opening of West Edmonton Mall On September 15 1981, Edmonton had a population of just a hair over 500,000 people. However, after this date, this relatively unknown northern city located in Alberta, Canada would be changed forever. Once a location with no international attention, what occurred on this day would thrust Edmonton into the spotlight – Edmonton would become a… Continue reading History of West Edmonton Mall

Raging Rapids

The Raging Rapids was a lazy river water slide in The World Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall. The slide was a lazy river style ride, which consisted of two paths. Both started and ended in the same location, but the minor difference was that one was slightly slower and drawn out, while the other had… Continue reading Raging Rapids

Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run, often simply referred to as The Cannon Ball, was a slide located in The World Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall. Olive green in color, it was the only ride during its time with a free fall drop at the end. Sliders would exit the slide roughly 10 ft. above the water and drop… Continue reading Cannonball Run

Geronimo’s Jump

Geronimo’s Jump was a series of three slides in the World Waterpark, West Edmonton Mall. The slides were identical in length and design, and were positioned side by side. This made them prime choices for a race to the bottom. The slides each stated with a moderately angled section, followed by a straightaway which would… Continue reading Geronimo’s Jump


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