Blue Thunder Wave Pool

The Blue Thunder Wave Pool is without doubt, the largest, and most popular attraction in West Edmonton Mall’s World Waterpark. The pool was constructed in such a way that it mimics the a lake on a beach. Instead of climbing … Continue reading Blue Thunder Wave Pool

Caribbean Cove

The Caribbean Cove is a large play area at the World Waterpark, appropriate for kids of all ages. Its multi leveled structure features bridges, ropes, water pipes, sprinklers, water blasters, and more. Atop the structure sits a 1200 liter bucket which repeatedly fills and spills its load down on the structure at two-minute intervals. Water along the floor is around an inch deep, making the area a perfect place for young kids to explore. The area also features a pair of water slides which are accessible via the rear of the play area, and requires climbing to the top of … Continue reading Caribbean Cove

Dolphin Kiddie Pool

The Dolphin Kiddie Pool is a family toddler pool in West Edmonton Mall’s World Waterpark. The pool has always been a toddler / kiddie pool, though it’s current dolphin theme has not always been present. Prior to the current design, the style was a fantasy land which included toadstool and frog decor. Currently, the pool has three small slides, water tables, and a fountain which sprays water when a wheel is turned. The fountain has been inoperable for some time. The water is slightly warmer than in the wave pool, in order to provide a gentler experience for young children. Continue reading Dolphin Kiddie Pool