Crystal Labyrinth

Crystal Labyrinth is a hall of mirrors attraction. It is paired along with its sister attraction, Dragon’s Tale Blacklight Mini Golf, in Phase Two of West Edmonton Mall.

This mirror maze has a relatively small footprint, taking up what seems like little space when compared to the adjoining course. However, it is surprisingly enjoyable to navigate.

Those who choose to traverse the maze must first don plastic gloves, to protect the mirrors from smudges and fingerprints (these would take away from the effect). Once inside, the perfectly angled mirrors present an appearance of near endless paths through the hall. Ambient music and dim lighting, which dims and pulses, further the effect of being lost in the maze.

While finding one’s way through to the exit can be achieved in mere minutes, it is this author’s opinion that the true fun comes in the experience of the maze. It can be best enjoyed when groups split up, and try to hide amongst the mirrors… waving and beckoning for their companions to come and find them.


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