Ed’s Bowling

Ed’s Bowling, formerly Ed’s Rec Room, is a bowling, arcade, and dining facility located in West Edmonton Mall’s Phase Three. Ed’s is also home to the Alien Outbreak Escape escape room.

The attraction consists of a full aisle of traditional bowling lanes, the 300 Club Lounge restaurant, several retro arcade and pinball games, as well as the facilities’ ‘Kingpin’ suite. The most recent addition is the escape room known as Alien Outbreak. Ed’s Rec Room was formerly home to a billiards hall as well.

The main bowling lanes are often transformed from a regular theme to neon ‘glow’ bowling. The lights are dimmed and substituted with black-lights. The balls and pins, as well as much of the decor, are black-light reactive which adds to the effect.

The newest bowling option to Ed’s is the ‘Kingpin’ suite, which features six short blowing lanes and have more comfortable, socially oriented, seating. The suite is available for booking private groups, and the digital score screens have options to play unique games and challenges.

Today, Ed’s is what remains left over from what was once a much larger, more involved attraction: Red’s Rec Room.

Because the main floor of Red’s was replaced with retail space, the entrance to Ed’s consists of a very long hallway from within the mall. This hallway can seem somewhat odd to traverse, as it feels somewhat like a utility corridor. Visitors have noted that it was not a welcoming entrance to the attraction… though, recently, the hallway walls have been colored and a more welcoming, framed entrance has been added in an attempt to make the entryway more appealing.

In contrast to the mall access, the entrance from the exterior parking lot is well placed and easily accessible.


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