Sea Lions’ Rock

The Sea Lions’ Rock is part of the Marine Life attraction, located in Phase Three of West Edmonton mall.

The Sea Lions’ Rock is a live performance of sea lions, Clara, Kelpie, Quinty, and Pablo, all of whom live in the mall. The performance takes place within, and in front of, a large tank of water. However, there is another  section of their habitat, hidden away from the mall, where they spend much of their time.

Their presentation usually includes two trained lions performing a series of tricks, such as fetching objects from the pool, performing swimming maneuvers, or diving into the pool from a platform. Volunteers from the audience get the opportunity to partake in the show, and get their photo taken with the sea lions.

The show replaced the previous attraction, the Dolphin Lagoon, when 3 of the 4 dolphins had passed away, and in 2004 the final one was sent to a new home in the Florida Keys.


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