Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1985
Year Closed: 1995

The Amusement park in West Edmonton Mall originally opened in 1985 under the name Fantasyland. For the first decade of its operation, it used this original name – which happened to be the same name as one of the many ‘lands’ located in Disneyland Resort (among others), owned by the Disney Corporation.

In 1995, Disney sued claiming ownership of the name. Television commercials announced a contest to be held in order to find a new name, and suggestions were welcome from anyone wishing to enter. In the end, it was decided that Galaxyland would be name of the amusement from from then on. The park was updated to reflect a cartoony style space theme and Cosmo was introduced as the mascot.

Some of the rides and most of the scenery were overhauled to reflect the space theme, an example being the train ride which traditionally had a spooky haunted house theme. It now has a more child friendly space theme with various space characters and objects to view in the tunnels.


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