Pebble Beach Mini Golf

Pebble Beach Mini Golf was the original mini putt golf course in West Edmonton Mall.

The course opened in the Phase Three expansion of the mall, in 1985 – 1986. Back then, while the course had a few statue characters placed throughout, it was not the overly wacky theme we see today.

The course was proudly touted as being developed and designed after the famous real-life golf course, Pebble Beach Golf Links in California.

The course was adorned with trees, ‘lush’ greenery, and was themed to be similar to a real golf experience. With mock grass, rolling slopes, and ‘sand’ traps (which were really hard-shelled areas of the course, as real sand would cause maintenance issues), players were meant to feel as if they were experiencing a real game of golf.

The course was closed in 2004, to make way for the renovated version still open today: Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf


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