Phase IV Expansion

In the late 90’s, what was presented as the Phase 4 expansion of West Edmonton Mall was completed. This ‘expansion’ differed from the others in that it didn’t actually add additional footprint to the mall.

In the early 1990’s, the mall’s Woodward’s location closed, due to bankruptcy of the company. Many of their retail locations were bought out by The Hudson’s Bay Company, who already had a location in the mall. Therefore, the mall had two Hudson’s Bay locations, until in the late 90’s, the once Woodward’s location closed.

It was the closing of this location which lead to the Phase IV expansion. The area was remodeled and added a performance stage, a mega-sized HMV (now sunrise records), a Chapters store, and the addition of a Famous Players Silver City movie theater – complete with a life-size fire-breathing dragon (now removed).

The only square footage increase would be from the addition of the movie theater on the third floor of the mall.

Phase 4 is the last ‘expansion’ that the mall has seen. However, there are rumors of plans to expand and add another expansion including office space, apartment condos and a convention center. These plans have been rumored for more than a decade, with no sign of fruition as of yet.


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