Center of Gravity Bungee Tower

The Center of Gravity was a bungee tower attraction in the World Waterpark in Canada’s West Edmonton Mall.

The tower held the world record for the largest indoor permanent bungee tower, and was itself used to set world records. The most bungee jumps in a 24 hours period by a single person was set using this tower.

When the tower was active, it cost the following:

  • $70.76 for a Single Bungee Jump
  • $127.36 for a Tandem Bungee Jump

Center of Gravity also operated the Bungee Trampoline, which featured 4 trampolines. Jumpers would strap into harnesses to assist with their jumps. This enabled jumpers to jump higher than they may typically be able to, but more importantly, maintain a longer airtime for flips and tricks. The price was as follows:

  • $9.43 for 1 timed Bungee Trampoline session


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