Bronze Whale Statue: Open Sea

When Phase Three opened in 1985, one of the attraction included around the time of launch was a bronze whale statue. The official name of this piece is “Open Sea“. 

The statue, whose head lone weighs over 4500 kg, was set in a shallow pool of water – often sprinkled with coins tossed in from passers by. Unique to this statue vs. others which existed in the mall, was the ability to interact with it by walking into its open mouth and having a seat inside, or posing for that unique photo opportunity.

The whale was formerly located in the center of the main walking aisle of the mall, situated between  The Ice Palace and Bourbon Street – directly in front of where Victoria’s Secret is today. It has since been moved to Phase One.

The statue was created by Canadian artist Robin Bell [ website ], who also created the Phase Two sculpture of the three oil workers titled “Running In” 

The statue was moved once more, upon news that a Toyota dealership was arriving at West Edmonton Mall

The statue, which is often referred to as ‘The Whale’, is in fact meant to be TWO whales! The artist says as much in the original plaque which once existed in the mouth of the statue. The way that the tail and head are positioned merely make it appear to be a single mammal.


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