Dragon’s Tale Blacklight Mini-Golf

Dragon’s Tale Blacklight Mini-Golf is an 18-hole miniature golf course located in Phase Two of West Edmonton Mall. Its location is paired along with the Crystal Labyrinth hall of mirrors.

The course is a glow-in-the-dark black light-reactive experience, with a medieval dragon theme – as per its name.

Upon entry, the player be greeted by a video in which Irthadar “Keeper of eggs in the Kingdom of Dragons”, requests help. Apparently, villagers have stolen some of the dragon’s eggs. The players mission is to use the ‘staff’(putter) and ‘sacred stone’ (golf ball) to guide them throughout their ‘journey’ (the mini putt course). The player can ‘save’ more eggs by using less putts – as per the score card provided.

Each hole features obstacles, scenery, and decor of fantasy dragons, mythical creatures, and more. The final hole, which acts as a ‘ball return’ by keeping your ball, challenges the player to sink the ball into one of four holes. If the player sinks this putt, they will be rewarded with a loud growl, and glowing eyes, from one of the four dragons.


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