Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf

Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf is a mini golf course located in West Edmonton Mall’s Phase III.

An 18 hole mini putt course located directly below Europa Blvd, the course is more challenging than an average mini golf course course, with rolling slopes, bunkers (which consist of a hard surface rather than sand), and even several water hazards.

It was originally designed as a mini-golf version of Pebble Beach Golf Links, and was originally named Pebble Beach Mini Golf. The course was refurbished in the mid 1990’s and rebranded in the “wacky professor and his quirky inventions” theme we see today.

Before it’s redevelopment in the 90’s, some holes would have bridge areas which traveled over the water. The bridges had open sides which would allow the ball to drop into the water, however these have now been blocked off with boundaries.

It is still possible to get your ball in the water, however! Thanks to the rocky angled walls of some holes, which often bounce the ball up and into the the water… if hit at just the right (or, wrong!) angle.

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