Lazer Maze

The Lazer Maze was an attraction in West Edmonton Mall, operating in the mid – late 1980’s.

The attraction was a walk-through light gun attraction, where players were challenged to walk through a dimly lit maze and use a light gun, called a ‘Lazer Blaster’ to hit as many targets as possible. The player’s score was tallied and displayed at the end of the player’s trek.

The maze was meant to be an extension of the video game, a interactive game which a player could walk into.

Lazer Maze was developed by H.T.C. of Vancouver, who recruited one of Disney’s most iconic imagineers to help with its development: Rolly Crump. Rolly designed the game enemies, and worked with AVG to create the alien enemies for the game.

As stated in an interview with Best Edmonton Mall, Rolly “Kept it simple” in his development of what he called the “ugly faces” of Lazer Maze, “Spooky rooms with spooky characters in them”.


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