Phase II Expansion

Nearly two years to the day after the mall’s grand opening, the Phase 2 expansion of West Edmonton Mall was completed.

The first of what would be three new expansions to the mall drove home the reality of how iconic the mall would eventually become. No longer a simple retail location, alternative attractions were now introduced to the super mall.

Probably the most notable, and arguably the highest profile even today was the introduction of Fantasyland. Now called Galaxyland, Fantasyland was the world’s largest indoor amusement park.

Also opening in the Phase II expansion was the indoor, NHL-sized, ice hockey rink. Where the Edmonton Oilers, who were kings of the NHL from around that time until the late 1980’s, would hold regular practices. It was called ‘The Second Home of the Edmonton Oilers’, and would give the adoring fans an opportunity to get up close with their favorite hockey stars.

Along with these two attractions, another 240 stores and services were added to the mall. The footprint of the mall grew to 32 hectares (80 acres). This expansion also more than doubled the square footage of the mall.


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