BRBN St. (Bourbon Street)

Bourbon Street, also referred to today as BRBN St., is a nightlife and upscale restaurant area of West Edmonton Mall. Its name, and past theme, were inspired by New Orleans, Louisiana. It hosts most of the mall’s non fast-food restaurants, as well as several bars / pubs.

When Bourbon Street first opened, along with the rest of Phase Three in 1985, the décor was much more symbolic of New Orleans. There were statues of jazz musicians in the street, the ceiling was lit with bulbs to mimic starry nightlife, the restaurant exteriors which faced the concourse had faux upper floors – some with statues of party goers and women of the evening. Even the main concourse was decorated with an old style Taxicab.

Around 1995, when the mall was transitioning Fantasyland to Galaxyland, the theme received an update. It still focused on New Orleans, but centered on portraying the celebration of Mardi Gras. Most notably, a large, colorful, statue of a jester’s face in full costume was erected just outside of the mall entrance to Bourbon Street. Many of the statues were removed however, as well as the Taxi cab mentioned above.

Since then, the street has been stripped of virtually all of its theming. The large colorful Marti Gras head has been removed, and the street has been updated and renovated to a clean, upscale décor that does not necessarily represent New Orleans. However, its name pronunciation remains the same as it’s historically inspired name: Bourbon Street.


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