Cosmo’s Space Derby

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 2015

Cosmo’s Space Derby is a ride in West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland, formerly Fantasyland. The ride has existed in its location within the park since opening day in 1985.

The ride are bumper cars which accommodate two riders. This set of bumper cars is geared toward an older audience than that of the former Space Bump. While the former Space Bump did not allow riders over 53”, these larger cars require riders to be at least 50”. The audience pool which could ride both sets of bumper cars was very small, and once riders experienced the bigger, bumpier cars, they typically prefer this ride to the smaller version.

The ride’s decor has been updated to match the space theme of the park. Prior to 1995, the wall surrounding the cars were mirrored. To the casual observer, this made the space where cars traveled appear to be much larger, as well, it made it seem that there were many more cars in the area than truly existed.

The ride was re-themed in 1995 when the park transformed from Fantasy to Galaxy themed. The walls and trim around the area are now space themed. Though the cars remained the same for a time, the “electrified” ceiling has been decommissioned and newer battery powered cars have replaced the older, ceiling powered version.


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