Cosmo’s Jumping Fountain

Currently Active: No
Opening Year: 1983
Year Closed: 2015

Cosmo’s Jumping Fountain was an attraction located in Galaxyland until 2015.

Originally a part of Fantasyland, then known simply as the Jumping Fountains, fountain was a series of platforms with holes in the tops. One after another, each platform would ‘spit’ out a stream of water, precisely aimed at another platforms hole. When the stream arrived in the hole, it would trigger the next platform to shoot a stream of water out its hole to another platform.

One at a time the stream would arrive and leave each platform, giving the illusion of a single stream of water jumping from platform to platform.

This fountain was a simple, yet popular, attraction at the park. 

In 2015, the expansion of The Palace Casino forced the relocation of several rides. This renovation cost the park the removal of several rides, as well as Cosmo’s Jumping Fountain.


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