Galaxy Kids

Currently Active: Yes
Opening Year: 1983

Galaxy Kids, formerly Fantasy World, is the large children’s play area located in Galaxyland. The area features various slides, pieces of climbing apparatus, ball pits, and other jungle gym components. 

Children must wear socks and be accompanied by an adult when playing in the area. Once inside, there is stroller parking, shoe-holding cubbyholes, a special toddler-only area, washrooms with child-sized toilets, and, of course, the large play area.

The main structure has 4 stories to explore, with large slides which reach down to two stories at a time. There are rope bridges, bouncy houses, and pathways clinging to a rock-like back wall of the area.

The area was originally called Fantasy World, and was fantasy-themed. It was almost completely redeveloped in the years following 1995. Prior to this, the area was decorated with large novelty pencils around the perimeter, and imitation hot air balloons (one of which which guests could ride up and down) within the area. There were also series’ of caves and caverns, which have been since boarded off. These boards can still be seen against the large back purple wall, on the ground level.


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