Sky Screamer Extreme

The Sky Screamer Extreme is a pair of water slides, which are conveniently rated as extreme, located at the World Waterpark.

The slides consist of a single, near free-fall drop, town a horizontally straight track, with no turns or curves. Sliders are loaded into drop chutes, equipped with trap doors, similar to that as seen on the Cyclone.

The sliders are then dropped into the slide as the trap doors release from below, and experience a free fall down a steep vertical drop, before the slide levels out and sliders slow to a stop in the shallow splashdown area.

Sky Screamer Extreme consists of two slides, one yellow and one purple. The experience between the two is similar, aside from the yellow slide being exposed, and the purple being enclosed.

These slides replaced the original sky screamer, which existed in the same spot back when the World Waterpark originally opened.


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